"Ride" - The Bloomington Community Song

Jeff Pens Bloomington, Ind. Community Song

I'm proud to announce that today the City of Bloomington, ind., my home for the last 22 years, released to the public my song "Ride," which I was commissioned to write in honor of the city's bicentennial. You can find official audio and sheet music versions of the song, from full-band to solo acoustic, from piano-vocal to choir, from orchestra to concert band to marching band, at bloomingtoncommunitysong.com

I've been overwhelmed by the amount of community support I've received around this project since penning the song last Spring. To date more than 35 other artists have participated in its many parts My goal was to capture in song the fertility of our amazing city and its unique progressive-traditional tension. My wife and others have told me stories over the years about how important are their memories of going for a "ride" with a parent as a child and the continuing importance of the memory to this day. The image stuck with me, and ultimately inspired this song, which celebrates the idea that here life is a ride, not a race.

My hope is that the song will become a permanent part of the local cultural landscape, and will perhaps help to preserve those values.

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The record was recorded over a two-year span in studios across the eastern half of the US, from Nashville to Boston, to New York and many places in-between. It features 10 new songs written for the times, and covers of 3 of my favorite songs, including the title track, a remake of the old Seatrain song "13 Questions." 

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