1. 02 The Busker

From the recording 13 Questions (Download)

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Jeff Cannon: Lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, bass
Jim Hoke: Pedal steel guitars
Max Frank: Cello
John Mettam: Drums and percussion


See the king of big adventure,
Dodging stop-walks, On the city street,
Mother sent me, not my brothers,
All alone, yeah, Hallelujah,

“Don’t be long,” she said,
“And don’t you stop on the way.
And if a stranger asks for the time,
Look away, look away, there is
Danger across the divide
On DeVries Avenue.”

But I gave the time, and we shared our news,
And so I learned the Southside views,
And our frozen worlds were melting fine,
Out on the street we shared the time,

Then in a house on fire,
All the walls tore away,
And I was told to say my good-byes,
Yeah, they sold that deal like they
Promised a new and improved
Devries Avenue.

Every day I pray for sunshine,
That’s the one sign that predicts my day,
Hang a dark cloud, I can’t speak now,
Good-bye old town, hello stillness,

When the old north wind
Hauled the last ones away,
And left a monument there to the strong,
From the other side, I came
Busking for your loose change,
On Devries Avenue