1. 03 True Eyes

From the recording 13 Questions (Download)

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Jeff Cannon: Lead and backing vocals, piano and keyboards, acoustic guitar, bass, harmonica
Adam Steinberg: Electric guitars
Austin Hoke: Lead cellos
David Masterson: Trumpets
Max Frank: Cello intro
Jamey Reid: Drums
John Mettam: Hand and digital percussion


I climbed up to the sun to look into your eyes,
And then it all came back, and I prepared to die,
The way I did before, the last time I saw you,
The way I did before, what else could I do?
Too deep to last, we fell so fast,
Two eyes, true eyes and gone too soon.

Sometimes when it rains, the fire carries on,
It carries and complains, and sings a fire song:
Don’t stow your love away, when you know that it’s true,
There will come a day, when it will summon you,
To climb so high, to look inside,
Two eyes, true eyes that know you.

So I set out to climb, like I did before,
Climbing toward the sun, now standing at your door,
Oh…. Look into mine, can you read between those lines?
Do you recognize true eyes, true eyes,? I know you do.

I climbed up to the sun to look into your eyes.