1. 04 Wild Peace

From the recording 13 Questions (Download)

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Jeff Cannon: Lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, organ, trumpet samples
Amy Malkoff: Backing vocals
Jon Svetkey: Backing vocals
Stu Kimball: Electric guitar
Austin Hoke: Cellos
Slats Klug: Piano
John Mettam: Drums and percussion


Just let it run; get out the way, get out the way and let it run,
Let peace glide on the wires that you have run high and low now,
Free up your battle stations and make a stand with what you leave behind,

No desperados holed up in the hills, no underground; the sun is on your side.
If it’s happening it has to be up higher; it’s got to be high liberating,

Wild peace, unafraid, undivided,
Wild peace, peace must be made, that’s where the fight is,
Get it wired, get it wired; let the wires lead the way and wage wild peace.

She said, “Are you waiting for a sign?
Did you think you missed your time?
Said,”Long as you’re still alive,”
Said, “You’re inside, you can decide it.
We suffer too much in silence, Say it, say it —
Hey, fill ‘em up with sunlight,
It’s coming out, that reign is over.”

Wild peace, it’s our great wonder-child,
Wild peace, rise up and flame into the wild,
Set a fire, set a fire; let the fires burn away and wage wild peace.

Did you ask if you gave, gave enough?
Did you learn that to love, just to love, was enough?
Did you love? I say love, only love, is not enough.
Did you love peace?

Just let it run; get out the way, get out the way and let it run.