From the recording 13 Questions (Download)

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Jeff Cannon: Lead and backing vocals, piano, electric guitar, keyboard strings, bass
Ben Hart: Violin
Ben Wedeking: Violin
Christine Beamer: Viola
Max Frank: Cello
John Mettam: Drums and percussion


When they take the gold,
And leave you empty-handed in your hometown,
You know it’s time to fold,
You make one final stand and then you shut down,

People have their ways, yeah, they can see,
When they lose their rights, or lose a piece of their dreams,

Don’t make another move,
That’s when they’ll accuse you of class warfare,
You’ll just play it smooth,
And wake up every day to find you’re nowhere,

They’ll all cry the day the plant goes south,
But no one said a word when you shut down,

Baby, in this little room,
No one wants the truth,
No one even has the strength to see
Or talk about the shutdown.

Don’t talk about the shutdown
Don’t talk about the shutdown
Don’t talk about the shutdown