From the recording 13 Questions (Download)

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Jeff Cannon: Lead and backing vocals, electric guitars, bass
Abby Cannon: Backing vocals
Pat Harbison: Trumpet
Nate Johnson: Tenor Sax
Jonathan Elmer: Trombone
Jamey Reid: Drums
John Mettam: Hand percussion


Comes a place and a time when there’s no way out but change,
When the ones in the sky, get so high they rig the game,
Now we’re down, we’re outside; we’re the last thing on their minds,
That’s how they love you: hypnotized and occupied.

When they wage silent war, do you fight or do you run?
Do you run when the score sits at ninety-nine to one?
See there comes, comes a time, you can rise against the tide,
That’s right, it’s on you to turn the tide and occupy.

If there’s a teardrop in your mind’s eye,
Or if you’re halfway from the sky,
Turn and face up the sun, for the many, not one,
One’s not what we are,
So we’re coming out to unify.

All alone in the hush, in the burdens of one life,
Where the one’s had enough of dirty deeds done out of sight,
Just one step sets it right, when you step into the night
Step for the millions: there comes a time to occupy.

Comes a time to occupy,
Comes a time to occupy.
To cccupy, now’s the time
To cccupy, now’s the time
To occupy.