1. 13 Run

From the recording 13 Questions (Download)

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Jeff Cannon: Lead and backing vocals, electric, acoustic and slide guitars, piano, organ, bass
Sean Staples: Mandolin
Pat Harbison: Trumpet
Nate Johnson: Tenor Sax
Jonathan Elmer: Trombone
Ariel Detwiler: Flute
Sam Crocker: French horn
John Mettam: Drums and percussion


If I am reading this right
There’s a fate on the wing tonight,

I want to run to you,
Stand for you,
Rise with you

In my harder days
I walked, always, the long way

We can’t walk these times away
As if to turn a page

Would you spill our love away
With it running over?

I want to run with you
I want to seize it with you
Minute to hour, all of our days (haul away)
Oh if fate is all we’re waiting on
If Thirteen Questions weigh us down
We’ll run them all tonight
All night all night…

We can’t walk these times away
We can’t walk these times away

It’s time to run,
We cannot walk these times away,
We have to run.